It has been 15 years since we started our cooperation with company Fischbach in supplying our entire wig program. Fischbach&Miller has been in the hair business since 1956 and is the leading company in its field. They have adapted their program to the needs of theatres, film, hairdressing schools etc. Today Fischbach is a worldwide supplier in the field of wig-making, providing a wide range of human, animal and synthetic hair.

Their program encompasses:

  • Various qualities, lengths and different curls (human, buffalo, synthetic, angora, crepe hair)
  • Ready-made stylish wigs, beards and moustaches
  • Wig accessories (tapes, tulles, weaving needles, wig stands, straps...)
  • Hairpins and clips

Fischbach + Miller (PDF, 5 MB)